Bremont adds to Supermarine range with the new Type 300 and 301 models

Bremont has been making specialized dive watches since its very early days. These chronometers, designed to be over-engineered in all respects (and some models capable of withstanding depths of 2,000 meters), were quickly adopted by the military and dive professionals alike.

The predecessors to the Type 300 and 301 timepieces came in the form of the Supermarine S500 and S2000, both remarkable pieces of engineering and very much inspired by Bremonth’s core principles. The impact of the significant technical specification for these earlier models resulted in the larger 43mm and 45mm case sizes respectively.

The Bremont S300 metal strap is priced at AED 16,975 and the S300 leather strap is priced at AED 14,975. The Bremont S301 is priced at AED 14,976.

The watch collections are available at Rivoli stores across UAE.

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