LaLaQueen Launches Flagship Boutique in Beirut

     LaLaQueen Launches Flagship Boutique in Beirut

“We believe that every woman has a ‘queendom’ which she must conquer and, when she does;

she becomes the queen.”  


Beirut, Lebanon —  LaLaQueen founder and designer Sally Sarieddine is proud to announce the launch of the first stand-alone LaLaQueen boutique in Downtown Beirut. The concept store is located in The Beirut Central District, otherwise known as the Centre Ville – a name that has been attributed to this historical and geographical core as a vibrant commercial hub of the country.


With outdoor cafes, restaurants and high end designer stores lining the streets, the new LaLaQueen store embodies the vibrancy of the area. Designed by Fadi Naccour, the concept store location takes customers on a journey that is full of wonder, inspiration and surprises. Naccour translates an online brand to a physical space spanning two floors, where iron frames, oak wood and marble floors create  the context for a ‘fashion art gallery’, whilst reinforcing the essence of the brand: authentic, luxury, sustainable and handmade.


The ground floor hosts the label’s collection of bags while the mezzanine is utilised by the creative team of LaLaQueen. Set against chalk white walls the bags add splashes of colour amidst an industrial feel when displayed on versatile iron frames covered with oak wool and plexi. Each frame displays a collection and reflects the inspiration, the story and the material used to develop the bag. Further to this the frames are designed in constant movement and allow for a dynamic layout that can be changed as pleased.


The new boutique will house exclusive pieces alongside LaLaQueen’s key styles, from the collections of  handmade leather handbags to pouches, reflecting the brand’s offering. Once a customer has explored the tactile leathers and found a size and shape of a bag they will be provided with a tablet displaying a digital catalogue, so that they can view the colour combinations available whilst enjoying coffee with the LaLaQueen creative team.


Timeless, versatile and full of surprises, the new LalaQueen store houses a contemporary fashion label that continues to deliver handcrafted leather handbags that aim to provide a trendsetting and sustainable brand, complementing the global demand to maintain and protect natural resources by targeting progressive women who are influential and making a difference in today’s changing market.




About Sally Sarieddine:


Sally graduated with a BA in Communications Arts (radio TV, Film) from the Lebanese American University, and during her years of study she focused much of her energy in theatre leading to a job as Assistant Director in a local Lebanese TV station before a move to Dubai.


In Dubai Sally landed a job in the satellite broadcasting industry. Eleven months later, another prospect was presented to work as a PR Executive in an investment company that led her to the fashion capital London where she completed her Masters in Marketing. Once graduated, Sally moved back to Dubai and secured a job in advertising and went on to undertake fashion design courses at the renowned Central Saint Martins in London.


Nurturing her creativity for design, Sally set out to create pieces of art, notably the Dr. Bag that embodies an expression of  her personal message to the world through her brand creation LaLaQueen.




Saad Zaghloul Street, Bldg./ Lot 157 Marfaa – section 8.

Phone: 70906013

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